More Results with
Better Email

With a simple AUDIT of your Technical configuration and
Email Marketing strategies, we will find actionable
recommendations to increase your
Inbox Rate / Open Rate / Click Rate / Traffic / Revenues

Performe Better

Do you wish to Audit your email Marketing Technical configuration to gain rapidly in performance ?

Get More Visibility

Do you wish to improve your Inbox Rate and get more messages visible by your community ?

Increase Revenue

Do you wish to improve your deliverability and email marketing to generate more traffic and revenues ?

Grow Your Audience

Do you want to run a lead generation campaign and improve your overall deliverability ?


Technique & Marketing

Audit of all the technical configuration impacting Deliverability

Audit of all Marketing practices that impact Deliverability

PDF report of the Audit

Videoconference to present the Audit and respond to questions


Plug a new CRM

We take care of all technical configuration

We connect and synchronise with your website the new CRM / Emailing Platform (Tracking, API, Databases…)

We create Email Templates, Segmentation, Bounce Management to get the best deliverability

Implementation of our Blacklist to avoid Spamtraps

And More...


Craft your Emailing Solution

We implement the way you want our Emailing Sending Platform. 100% flexible and made for deliverability. Contact us to know more about this premium service!

Email Delivrability
Your Platform

Deliverability, Monitoring
and Support

Good deliverability is getting harder and harder to have and keep while databases grow. Improving your deliverability takes time and necessarily require the implementation of technical features and following Marketing best practices. We support our clients along the way and help them increase their business generation. Talk to us, we will help !

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